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Jordan Marlière, feet on the ground and head in the stars

A fascinating subject, astronomy knows how to make the eyes of young and old children shine. Through his astronomical captures, Jordan Marlière keeps this magic alive near Vittel, in the Vosges department. With his garden as an observatory, Jordan Marlière has been an astrophotographer for about 5 years. In other words, he works daily to uphold his motto : “Capture the unseen from light years away”.

He was still a child when Jordan discovered his fascination with the starry sky through the telescope his parents gave him. Quickly, he will feel limited by what he sees and what he does not see. It was over the course of his school career and his life that he gradually satisfied his curiosity. But overall, what he knows about the sky, Jordan learned on his own.

When he started out in astrophotography, he went to do some tests. Then, he will improve his equipment and learn new methods of capture. Today, the astrophotographer has several projects: “It would be interesting to go to schools or colleges to pass on some knowledge. I have also done exhibitions at the Vittel media library, Neufchâteau and the Epinal planetarium, I would like to repeat the experience “, he confides. He recently launched his online store specializing in the sale of equipment and imagery for astronomy.

However, taking astrophotographs is a long process. Initially, Jordan Marlière makes location on a software which indexes the sky chart. Once he knows which object located millions of light years away to photograph, he programs his equipment. Then, for several hours of exposure, celestial objects will be under the eye of his camera with an exposure time sometimes of up to 20 minutes per shot and shots that can span over 30 hours. It doesn’t end there. Jordan still has many hours of computer processing where he will superimpose the pictures to get a clear photo and try to correct the colorimetry.

But according to Jordan, it’s certain: “Anyone can try to photograph the sky! “. An educator, he explains: “It’s possible to take cool photos with a simple digital camera, a tripod and by letting as much light as possible into the camera. I even tried it once with my cell phone, it worked! “.

So, if you also want to get into astrophotography or if you are simply curious, you can follow Jordan Marlière’s Facebook page, website and Youtube channel.

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